The California's Most Inexpensive College Towns

In California’s least expensive college towns, you can enjoy great college experiences without the super-high price tag.

Between the cost of housing, food as well as tuition and books that go to college quickly become expensive–and that’s not counting out occasions to go out with friends visits to family members or other important back-toschool necessities. Although financial aid and loans are excellent resources but having to think about having to pay them back after graduation is stress-inducing (plus it’s not always possible to cover all of your expenses). So, if your looking for an amazing college experience with a low cost it might be a good idea to think about some colleges that offer low costs of living.

Before you start envisioning the most affordable cities in California with nothing to do and all the other places where you’d never want to be, you can rest in knowing they’re not your typical middle-of-nowhere towns. They offer a wealth of possibilities within their boundaries and in the miles beyond, allowing your college experience to be as exciting or easygoing as you want to make about it cheap essay writers from Our Articles While there’s plenty of flash and glamour that can be found in the state’s larger cities, smaller towns have many of their own perks that exceed savings.


When you consider the cost of going to university, you may think that the most affordable college towns in California are poor and run-down areas that you might not even consider visiting. The truth is that many towns throughout the state are reasonably priced and provide coveted amenities. The towns in the state that are inexpensive have plenty to offer and come with a lower cost of living either because of the region’s affordability or the low tuition cost.


One-bedroom average: $895

It is home to that is the University of California, Merced and Merced College in the San Joaquin Valley city is an ideal choice to save money. Even though you wouldn’t think of it you’ll find that you’ll find that Central Valley is full of entertaining things to see and do, and Merced is located in a convenient location within Yosemite National Park and San Jose thus you’ll never run out of opportunities to spend your weekends in the city. When you’re not studying, go fruit picking with your friends and cruise through the city’s biking trails. Enjoy the outdoors by taking an excursion to Merced National Wildlife Refuge, local parks, the zoo and the skate park for a chance to avail the city’s amenities.


Arcata is perfect for those who appreciate nature and seeking a excellent and affordable college experience.

A typical one-bedroom rent of $995

Humboldt County is packed with redwood trees, hiking trails, and oceanic vistas, which makes it a great destination for nature-loving students. A little over six hours away from San Francisco Bay Area and just a few hours from to the Oregon frontier, Humboldt State University (HSU) is the largest college in the north in the CSU system. HSU is known as a forestry school, but has much more to provide with its arts as well as gender studies and environmental management courses.

After a tiring working day, you can join the locals at slacklining to go to the plaza for a walk, take a bite to eat, or stroll into the nearby park to lounge on the grass. On weekends, take a drive to nearby Eureka for a tour of the old downtown area, or head further into Fern Canyon for an unbelievable walk that is surrounded by walls filled with ferns. If you’re looking at small towns in remote locations that offer natural wonders, it doesn’t come much better than Arcata.


Chico is one of the most romantic college towns in the state.

One-bedroom rental: $980

A few hours to the north in Sacramento, Chico is not only one of the cheapest college towns in the Golden State, but also one of the most beautiful. With plenty to do, see and eat, you’ll never run out of things to do in and around the town, even when you’re in class in the campus of California State University, Chico. While the quaint community was kept in the shadows in the past, the word is officially out on Chico and it’s one of the fastest growing cities in California, so if you’re thinking of moving there you may want to take action sooner rather than later.

In your downtime, experience at the Sacramento River by floating down it, or fishing along the banks. You can also venture into the Mendocino and Tahoe National Forests to enjoy more outdoor activities. For a longer-lasting excursion, head down to The Bay Area or cruise over to Napa for the weekend. With everything being so close and within reach, you can experience all the amenities of city and rural life without having to pay the steep price. Since it’s an official school, Chico can also be considered to be one of the least expensive colleges as tuition is less than $8,000 annually.


One-bedroom average: $900

The town is situated between the Los Padres and Sequoia National Forests, about 2.5-hours in the inland region from Pismo Beach, Bakersfield is an unintentional, yet wonderful choice. Bakersfield is the Kern River runs through town A lot of California’s most sought after destinations are located a short drive away. In addition, the local parks and museums are great places to relax after classes.

It is famous for the California State University, Bakersfield is known for its almond production. On weekends, enjoy a walk along on the banks of the River, go for a game of golf or to see the Bakersfield Condors play hockey whenever you can. If you’re planning to transfer to CSU Bakersfield after community college but you still want to make the most of the city’s low rent prices, consider attending Bakersfield College. This way, you’ll get to take advantage of some of the lowest-cost college tuition and save on living expenses.


Average rent for one bedroom: $1025

Tucked in between Monterey along with Kings Canyon National Park, Fresno is a city that’s frequently left out. Most famous for California State University, Fresno is located in the lush Central Valley and is a central location for many of the Golden State’s top outdoor leisure places.

Explore our national parks, national forests to East, comparing the regions‘ produce at the various U-pick farms, both to either the North or South, as well as traveling for long drives out to the coast. If you’re in Fresno, make sure to visit the zoo, explore the distinctive underground gardens as well as wander around town in order to take advantage of your visit here.

If you’re still looking for your perfect campus , and not so concerned about finding the lowest cost of living, browse through the best college towns to reside in and identify your perfect spot to live in.

The California’s Most Inexpensive College Towns


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